Is EMDR for me?

Many people can benefit from EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.)

EMDR is best known for helping to heal the results of both severe “big T” trauma, ie one-time traumatic events such as accidents, violence or natural disaster; or “small t” trauma, which is a series of less obvious but equally damaging consistent trauma, such as that experienced growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family, or being in an abusive adult relationship.   Most people in these categories of trauma will benefit from EMDR.

However, many people do not actively consider themselves to have suffered trauma, yet they experience the “stuckness” and inability to move on often associated with unresolved traumatic experience.  This can express itself through fear of loss of control, such as anxiety related to flying or driving or public speaking.  EMDR can be highly effective in these situations.

Sometimes the therapy process itself can feel stuck, and EMDR can help loosen things up and move them along.   Many people spend a far shorter time in therapy when EMDR is incorporated in the treatment.

When we meet, we can discuss further if EMDR is right for you.


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